Tramuntana is made in New York but born in Spain, carried by the wind that blows from the north, across Mallorca to the sea. Tramuntana believes scent is an intensely personal expression of our inner lives, a memory book to the past and present. Using the purest oils and essences sourced from around the world, we create one-of-a-kind, handmade perfumes that express your one true scent signature.


Claudia de Pablo Vicens grew up on the Mediterranean, splitting her time between Valencia and the island of Mallorca, surrounded by the smells of orange blossoms, olive trees, and the sea. As a child, her father bought Claudia her first perfume, starting her lifelong search for the ideal scent that reflects the moment she lives in.

Living and traveling around the world—from Barcelona, Geneva, Milan, to Madrid—through her communications work for fashion and beauty companies, Claudia was always looking for the elusive ideal scent. But as soon as she found one, she would encounter it on someone else. Feeling that your scent should only belong to you, Claudia  began to mix custom perfumes for herself and her friends from all  the oils, musks, essences, and perfumes collected over the years.

After years of refinement and development, Claudia moved to New York in 2012 and launched Tramuntana as an online-only perfumery to give everyone the chance to create their own personal scent signature. For Claudia, the act of creating a bespoke perfume is an expression of analyzing and understanding someone-their habits, lifestyle, and personality.