An online-only bespoke perfumery. The everyday indulgence of a scent made only for you and your lifestyle. Made in New York by hand with exclusive ingredients sourced from around the world. 


Online only

Online-only—so each perfume is a personal collaboration between Tramuntuna and you. Each perfume is a gift from Tramuntana to you, our way of knowing you. 
No retail markups, just a direct connection. 

A new concept of luxury

If everybody is unique, they should smell unique. Tramuntuna guides you to find your one true scent signature. A handmade luxury, that can be appreciated by all, yet not accessible to all.  

Bespoke Perfume = Base + You

Tramuntana has developed a unisex base fragrance that elaborates our ideal smell, adaptive to your scent and skin pH. Warm skin, clean to the touch. Intimate and carnal. A rare musk from India, with jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli. The base is the foundation for each bespoke perfume and can also be worn on its own. 

Personal collaboration

Tramuntana begins with you: an in-person meeting, a questionnaire, a selection of images. Our one-on-one evaluation is followed by creation. With base as foundation, Tramuntana begins the mixing process to create a sample for your review. We want you to be able to try it on and live with it for a couple days. Feedback is essential to our creative process, and once you have a sample you love, we will blend a full bottle for your enjoyment.

Tailor made

Each bespoke fragrance is an eau de parfum, made with the finest pure oils and scents sourced from around the world. Meant to be worn through the day, it evolves over time, with top notes felt most immediately, middle notes after two hours, and base notes revealed in eight hours. 
All perfumes come in a personalized bottle and packaging. Each perfume is kept on file so you can reorder, and can only belong to you and no one else.