Every bespoke perfume is a collaboration between you and Tramuntana. 
To make a scent for your lifestyle, we want to know everything about you and essence to create something new together we both love. 

1. Eve de Lamaze, a toy designer from Paris, contacts Tramuntana. 

2. She receives a questionnaire and sends back her answers via e-mail. 

3. Tramuntana creates a mood board to understand her olfactive story and tastes, as expressed through images and sends it to Eve. Images describe the taste and define many smells in the imagination so this step is critical. 

4. Eve likes almost all the pictures but is not sure about the top left one and she makes some suggestions to revise the moodboard. 

5. As soon as Eve gives her approval, we begin creation of samples. 
Starting with the Base Perfume as a foundation and using the questionnaire and moodboard as inspiration, Tramuntana spends many hours testing different scents and combinations.  

6. Three distinct 2mL samples are developed for Eve which are mailed to her.
Sample 1 smells like ocean, wood, and pepper. 
Sample 2 smells like Mediterranean flowers with some mysterious woods. 
Sample 3 smells like a green garden full of lilacs.

7. Eve receives the samples and tries them one by one, living with each one for a full day to see how the scent unfolds (and only wearing one at a time to not get confused!). 

8. She decides that Sample 3 is her favorite one. But she would like to add a little bit something extra to make it more spicy. She writes Tramuntana and we add a little bit of Black Pepper and send her a new sample. 

9. Eve loves the new sample so we prepare a full-sized perfume and file her formula in our records. After a few days she receives her 50ml bespoke perfume. 

10. She will contact Tramuntana in the future to order some refills.