Bespoke perfume, from us to you

Set up in-person or long-distance evaluation, including questionnaire
Traumanta finds images to personify client's bespoke perfume
Client approves images

Tramuntana begins personalization process
Send client samples for review (1-2 weeks)
Feedback and revisions (up to 3 revisions)

Final Mixing
Tramuntana sends client bespoke perfume based on final approval
Client receives bespoke perfume
Perfume is kept on file and can be reordered at any time

Bespoke Perfume

To make a perfume for you is to know you, and each perfume is a collaboration between you and Tramuntana. We start with an in-person or long distance evalation to learn about your lifestyle, personality, and what makes you unique. Based on your responses, we create a sample using a base perfume as a foundation along with the finest pure oils and scents sourced from around the world. The sample is mailed to you so you can live with it for a couple days and give us feedback, with up to 3 revisions.  

Once you have a sample you love, a 50 mL perfume in a personalized packaging with your intials will be mailed to you. Each perfume's formula is kept on file for reorder and will only be made for you.

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Base Perfume

After years of development, Tramuntana has distilled its ideal scent into this perfume for women and men. Made from a rare musk from India, with jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli, the base perfume evokes warm skin that is clean to the touch, intimate and carnal. 

The base perfume is an essential expression of scent that can be worn on its own, and also is the foundation for each bespoke Tramuntana perfume. This eau de parfum is meant to be worn for a whole day, and will adapt to your personal skin PH and scent. 

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Resin Candle


We believe scent is as essential to space as people. Candles, incense, and flowers make a room come alive.  

Made from 100% soy blends and 100% hand made, our Resin Candle uses the scent of Bark, Resin, Woods and Rosemary. A Spicy warm fragrance. 

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